lasikCelebrities - LASIK complications can happen to anybody.

LASIK Humor - Written by LASIK complications patients to help them cope.

Bilateral LASIK - Having surgery on both eyes at the same time doubles the risk!

IntraLase IntraLASIK iLASIK femtosecond blade-free all-laser LASIK: Problems and Recall - Latest technology in LASIK promoted as "better" and "safer". See what the LASIK industry is not telling you about all-laser LASIK.

Will My Brain Adapt? - As bizarre as it sounds, the LASIK industry actually counts on the fact that LASIK patients may forget how crisp and clear their vision was before LASIK.

LVI / LASIK Vision Institute - Get the scoop on this LASIK mill that runs patients through like cattle.

Alcon LADARVision - Read about lawsuits surrounding this popular laser used for LASIK.

Fatal Focus - The Laser Vision Conspiracy, a book by Jonathan Maxx

Lack of Empathy - Eye doctors don't care about patients' quality of life

Comanagement - Your vision may be for sale without your knowledge!

Maculopathy - LASIK can wreck your vision in a number of ways; this is just one...

No Experience Necessary - Want to be a LASIK surgeon? No experience necessary!

Cool Laser - So why does the stench of burning flesh fill the laser suite?

Truth about Wavefront Supervision - Read about the hoax called "custom LASIK".

More LASIK Patients Inside! - LASIK surgeons hire marketing firms to entice patients into a risky, unnecessary surgery!

WSJ: "Maloney Didn't Like Sick People" - A look inside the mind of a prominent LASIK surgeon.

VISX slapped with warning from FDA for advertising violations - VISX broad beam lasers destroyed the night vision of untold numbers of LASIK patients. 

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7/28/2014: In sunny world of LASIK marketers, a dark underbelly.

5/7/2014: Ads trivializing laser eye surgery under scrutiny in Ireland. Read about it at Limerick Leader.

2/14/2014: LASIK mill, LasikPlus, bought out by cosmetic dermatology company. Read article In 2012, LasikPlus was slapped with an FDA warning letter for failure to report serious injuries.

3/12/2012: Morris Waxler invites injured LASIK patients and those who support injured LASIK patients to join him in asking the FDA to withdraw approval of LASIK. Read letter

11/23/2010: Is the Assault on LASIK 'Critics' Justified? LasikNewswire

11/23/2010: Laser Eye Center of Hawaii files for bankruptcy - Read article

10/27/2009: Read list of LASIK clinics that received FDA warning letters. Link to article

10/26/2010: LCA-Vision [LasikPlus] posts weak third quarter, to close more centers. Read article

10/15/2009: TLC Vision and LasikPlus issued warning letters by FDA for noncompliance with federal law for reporting LASIK problems. Source

10/4/2010: LCA-Vision [LasikPlus] procedures down 25% in the third quarter. Read article

9/17/2010: LASIK surgeon stops performing LASIK in response to long-term studies which demonstrate regression and loss of visual quality. Read article

9/16/2010: LASIK tycoon, Marco Musa of LASIK Vision Institute, dead at 48. More »

7/27/2010: LCA-Vision [LasikPlus] closing Savannah and Birmingham locations. Read article

7/7/2010: State launches investigation into Lasik eye surgeon, Paul Cutarelli. Read article

5/10/2010: Former FDA chief of ophthalmic devices warns that LASIK risks outweigh benefits. Read letter

4/5/2010: LCA-Vision [LasikPlus] procedures dropped 31.6 percent in first quarter. Read article

3/30/2010: LASIK Activists Seek Hill Hearings on FDA Inaction ( Read article

3/3/2010: LCA-Vision [LasikPlus] stock falls more than 12 percent after downgrade, poor procedure volume. Read article

2/7/2010: LCA-Vision [LasikPlus] looks for new business model as LASIK volumes tank. LASIK patient advocate says LASIK mills have great incentive to conceal problems. Read article

2/19/2010: Chicago LASIK surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Caro, prohibited from ever performing LASIK again. Read article

2/14/2010: Dr. Quentin Franklin and LasikPlus sued for LASIK malpractice. Read press release

1/14/2010: Lasik Vision Institute files Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Read article

12/21/2009: TLC Vision, Tiger Woods Sponsor, Files for Bankruptcy. Read article

11/6/2009: FDA Public Health Advisory Sought on LASIK Hazards. Read article

9/14/2009: LASIK Surgery Watch Calls on FDA-CDRH Acting Director, Jeffrey Shuren, to Withdraw Approval of Lasers Used to Perform LASIK. Read article

6/11/2009: LASIK Activist Tells GAO, IG About 20-fold Injury Excess: Read article

6/10/2009: LASIK Patient Advocate Writes Obama Seeking Intervention: Read article

6/3/2009: LASIK Victims Ramp Up Protests at FDA, Capitol Hill: Read article

5/21/2009: Letter sent to U.S. Congress seeking moratorium on LASIK. Source

5/19/2009: Professional golfer, Peter Lonard, having vision problems after two LASIK surgeries. Source