Videos from special FDA Hearing on LASIK

April 25, 2008

Lauranell Burch, Ph.D.

"What is most important for all of us to consider now is the growing body of evidence accumulating in peer reviewed ophthalmology journals that indicate that LASIK is a harmful procedure."

Diana Zuckerman, Ph.D., President, National Research Center for Women & Families

"The possibility of high suicide rates among [LASIK] patients has been raised, but better research is needed... Overall, patients do not seem to have informed consent when they have LASIK surgery."

Dr. Edward Boshnick

"From what I have seen and witnessed in my many patients, I feel at the present time LASIK presents a significant public health crisis."

Matt Kotsovolos calls for a moratorium on LASIK

Michael Mullery, M.D.

"Bad [LASIK] outcomes are not rare, and these outcomes can result in serious qualitative and quantitative vision losses, including blindness."

Gerry Dorrian tells the story of his son, Colin

Dean Kantis, founder of

Michael Patterson, PhD

Beth Kotsovolos speaks on behalf of families affected by post-LASIK depression and suicide

Plantiff's Medical Malpractice Attorney, Todd Krouner

Encouraged the FDA to take steps "to prevent the conversion of eyes to commodities..." "The LASIK industry under-reports adverse outcomes..."

In March, 2008, police officer in Tennessee commits suicide due to LASIK complications

Joseph Schnell

Testimony of Dominic Morgan, legally blind after LASIK

Research Psychologist Roger D. Davis, Ph.D. presents on Lasik-Related Depression and Suicide

David Shell

Terrylyn Bankes, MD

Eric Donnenfeld, MD being questioned by Patient Rep at FDA Hearing