Patient Treated on Latest LASIK Technology

The following was submitted to the LASIK docket on on 11/13/2010

I had Lasik in 2009, having been told I was a perfect candidate and that it was a safe procedure. The business (TLC) told me that the risks of Lasik no longer existed for patients like myself. I suffer from severe reading complications (blurring, double vision uncorrectable with glasses, eyestrain) that have put my career as a scholar in jeopardy; eye pain (due to severe eye strain and severe dry eye) that makes it hard to function every day; and night vision disturbances which make it extremely stressful to drive. If I can't get rid of the pain and be able to read again, I don't know what I'll do. I have been depressed and contemplated suicide because no one should have to go on in this kind of misery. It has been over a year and a half. Most doctors have disregarded me because they have an interest in defending Lasik. No doctor was honest with me before the procedure. PLEASE REFLECT ON THE SUFFERING LASIK IS CAUSING FOR MANY, MANY PEOPLE. IS IT WORTH IT? IS IT NECESSARY? THIS IS AN IRRESPONSIBLE INDUSTRY. If the businesses told people the truth about Lasik, they wouldn't have a business anymore - so they don't tell the truth. I would give anything - ANYTHING - to have my eyes back. I am making peace with my circumstances and with the injustices that were committed by my optometrists and by TLC. I only wish that this procedure could be brought to light for what it really is; any reflecting person, knowing the truth, would never allow this to go on.


ID # FDA-2008-N-0488-0160