Lasik Vision Institute

While the LASIK industry in general has the reputation of not monitoring outcomes and not caring about its mistakes, numerous news stories have focused notoriety on one LASIK provider above all, Lasik Vision Institute. If you are considering LASIK eye surgery, read the articles below and then consider going somewhere else. Better yet, just keep your glasses!

The LASIK Vision Institute, Bellevue, Washington, FDA warning letter - December 16, 2011

Did The LASIK Vision Institute ignore nine previous warnings from the FDA for failure to track and report LASIK adverse events as required by federal law? Read the latest warning letter resulting from an FDA inspection of The LASIK Vision Institute in Bellevue, Washington.

Bellevue, Washington

LASIK tycoon, Marco Musa, dead at 48 - Posted September 16, 2010

According to, Marco Musa, President of Lasik Vision Institute (LVI), died at his home on September 8. LINK. The Palm Beach Post obituary states: "in lieu of flowers, please consider a memorial contribution to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention". LINK. See photos of Marco Musa's lavish lifestyle HERE.

Lasik Vision Institute files for bankruptcy - January 18, 2010

Vision Care Holdings, which sold its Eyeglass World retail chain to National Vision a year ago while retaining its laser-surgery business, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Jan. 14... After selling Eyeglass World, Vision Care Holdings continued to operate a group of laser surgery centers under the name Lasik Vision Institute. It is unclear how many of those centers remained open at the time of the Chapter 11 filing.


FDA issues warning letters to nine Lasik Vision Institute locations - Posted 9/26/2010

The following is a list of Lasik Vision Institute locations that were slapped with warning letters by the FDA. Click location to read letter.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
West Chester, Ohio
Carmel, Indiana
Burlington, Massachusetts
Phoenix, Arizona
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Altamonte Springs, Florida
Boca Raton, Florida
Lake Worth, Florida

LASIK Vision Institute slapped with warning letters by FDA - October 20, 2009

From the FDA website: On Oct. 9, 2009, FDA issued warning letters to 17 LASIK ambulatory surgical centers after inspections revealed inadequate adverse event reporting systems at all the centers... Under legislation passed in 1990, user facilities, which include outpatient clinics and ambulatory surgical centers, must report device-related deaths to FDA and to the device manufacturer. They also must report device-related serious injuries to the manufacturer or to FDA if the manufacturer is not known. Requirements include having written procedures for adverse event reporting.“ Many people in the U.S. undergo LASIK procedures,” says Shuren. “The law requires that ambulatory surgical centers performing LASIK maintain a robust reporting system as required by law. Source

List of warning letters

Action News Exposes Lasik Institute President's Lavish Lifestyle

From the Article: "TAMPA - Marco Musa's Florida-based optical empire has been the focus of state and federal investigations, but somehow, he has managed to stay in business and make millions in the process."

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Action News Investigates Lasik Vision Institute After Complaints

From the Article: "After a group of Bay area Lasik patients of the same surgery center experienced the same apparent complications, ABC Action News investigator Mike Mason found out the center behind the surgeries has a history of problems. "It's incredible amounts of pain, it still is hurting," lamented patient Kathy Jasmin. "Very, very burning as if I'd stuck my face in a bottle of chlorine," added Peter Milovic. Before May, Peter and Kathy had never met. They were brought together by a similar tale of pain and suffering: both had their Lasik surgeries done on the same day at LVI, the Lasik Vision Institute on Fowler Avenue in Tampa, and they both had major problems."

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Doctor Blows the Whistle on Lasik Eye surgery Chain

From the Article: "TAMPA - The Lasik Vision Institute, also known as LVI, offers rock-bottom rates on laser eye surgery. But when some patients came forward with serious medical problems, ABC Action News began investigating. What senior investigator Mike Mason found will open your eyes like no other investigation he's done."

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Federal Trade Commission Stops Allegedly Misleading Representations for Lasik Eye Surgery

From the Report: "The Commission charged that these companies [LVI and LCA] couldn't substantiate their claim that LASIK eye surgery would eliminate the need for glasses or contacts for life," said Howard Beales, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection. "Companies offering any medical procedure shouldn't need glasses to see this clearly: if you over-promise, the FTC will act."

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Sight For Sale

From the Report: "Can you see clearly without glasses or contact lenses? Many people can't. In fact, more than a million people turn to lasik surgery each year to correct their vision. One of the largest national chains of laser eye surgery centers has a booming business here in Las Vegas, but News 3 investigator Darcy Spears found that this discount center may be pulling the wool over your eyes as they put sight up for sale."

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