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LASIK: 2020 Hindsight on GlobalTV 5/28/11

Investigators go undercover to expose the lies that LASIK clinic staff tell prospective patients. Former FDA chief, turned whistleblower, Morris Waxler, PhD, exposes the dirty secrets of LASIK clinical trials and the egregious FDA approval of LASIK devices. Young mother talks about suffering from painful, chronic dry eyes after LASIK. Son of police officer who took his own life due to LASIK complications speaks publicly for the first time.

CNN 9/28/2010: Lasik Safety in Question

Former FDA official spars with LASIK surgeon, Stephen Slade, on CNN over LASIK. Read article

Dr. Stephen Slade: "As ophthalmologists these are all our patients that have had problems with LASIK... We can treat the cornea with medications when it has ectasia..."

Editor's note: Dr. Slade said he is committed to helping patients with bad outcomes from LASIK. So, we can't help but wonder why Dr. Slade hires himself out as a defense expert witness against patients who are victims of LASIK malpractice.

The FDA is currently issuing warning letters to LASIK clinics for hiding LASIK complications by not reporting them as required by law. More »

See Dr. Waxler's petition on Enter Keyword or ID: FDA-2011-P-0022, and then click Search. You can leave a comment in support of Dr. Waxler's petition by clicking "Submit a Comment" next to the word balloon.

ABC World News 9/22/2010: LASIK Hindsight 20/20

Dr. Morris Waxler, former FDA regulator, featured on ABC World News. Waxler says the FDA should take steps to stop what he calls the "epidemic of permanent vision problems" caused by LASIK. Link to story   Watch video:

Class-Action LASIK Eye Surgery Lawsuit Filed Against TLC LASIK Centers - WYFF News 4 3/18/2010

Former FDA Regulator Says LASIK Side Effects Weren't Taken Seriously - ABC Good Morning America 2/25/2010

LASIK surgeon, Michael Mockovak of "Clearly LASIK", charged with murder-for-hire plot - November, 2009

Eye doctor has stopped performing LASIK due to long-term concerns - KDKA 2 CBS report

Eye doctor tells patients that LASIK is a "terrible idea", and warns "don't go near it". CBS News 4/25/2008

ABC News - Is LASIK causing injuries? Interview with LASIK patient Abby Ellin on NBC Today 4/25/2008

LC on NBCToday

Interview with Dr. David Hartzok - LASIK problems are not being reported to the FDA

LASIK patients Roger Davis, Ph.D., Michael Patterson, Ph.D., and Dean Kantis interviewed by CBS News

LASIK patient Joseph Cauthen

LASIK undercover investigation and patient Scott Tolchin: CBS 2 New York

Dallas WFAA Channel 8, Investigative Report on LASIK by Brett Shipp, August 2001


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