Sabrina Garrison's story


In 2006, I got Lasik surgery on both eyes. I was never warned about having bilateral eye surgery dangers or the fact that the dry eye would continue to be a problem for years after the surgery. I was told they might be dry at first, then clear up. Every risk was downplayed! I had the surgery right before my 40th birthday. The Dr. told me that somewhere in my forties I may need reading glasses since most people hit that phase of their life. On my 6 week check up, a couple of days after I turned 40, I told the Dr. I was having a hard time reading already--now suddenly I couldn't see up close anymore when that was never a problem before! Do you know what he said?!! "I told you, you might need reading glasses when you hit your 40's!" Duh...what a fricking idiot! I told him, "I just turned 40 two days ago!" He said, "Welcome to your 40's!"

Besides that issue, I've had continual dry eye issues where it feels there's sand or a hair in my eyes and they'll get stuck on my eyelids causing a delay in opening one or both of my eyes when I'm fully expecting to be able to open my eyes without issue.
I've also had fleeting severe stabbing eye pain over the past 4 years that feels like I'm getting operated on all over again--without the numbing gel! And now, after only 4 years, I'm having a difficult time seeing distances again. In fact, my eyes have a very difficult time adjusting from near to far and far to near as well as night time halos and starburst headlights--an issue I had but is now worse.

Is it odd that my vision blurs in and out as I'm sitting here typing this. That happens frequently! I am sad to know that my eye never heals up? Since that is exactly what the "internationally known Dr." told me would happen. He said, "just like a wound heals, this will close back together and seal up." Is that seriously not true!? This "internationally well known Dr." sold his practice 1 month after he performed my surgery. He was a well known Dr. in the Kansas City area with a supposed wonderful reputation but he had acted very strange during our consultations, misled me with false information, and acted even stranger after my surgery. Maybe he was getting sued! To those of you out there: Wear glasses!