Samantha Lee - LASIK Story

Samantha Lee
Los Angeles, California


I had LASIK done about 10 years ago and my life has not been the same. My vision was so poor that I needed an enchancement after the first surgery. The second surgery didn't fix my night vision, but I was about to wear RGP on one eye to get me through the day. It was a very time-consuming and expensive process to find a OK fit RGP for my left eye because of the shape of my corneal has been changed so much and it's too flat for soft lense. Throughout the years, I've been to many different surgeons, corneal specialists and opthamalogists and spent thousands of dollars trying to improve my vision and I was disappointed everytime. My eyes are so dry that I use eye drops every 2 hours. I lost my ability and confidence to drive at night because all I see is halos and glare.

Yesterday, I was fitted with a hybrid lense called SynergEye PS for post lasik patients. Today is only day 2, so I don't want to comment to soon but it is incredibly comfortable. It feels like a soft lense, but it stays on my eye without shifting back and forth. I will write an update in a couple weeks on the progress of the hybrid lense.

Please make sure you get second, third, forth..... opinion and evaluation before you decide to have the surgery. The surgery is irreversible!!!