Images of Eyes Damaged by LASIK

Book Review: LASIK, A Color Atlas and Surgical Synopsis

WARNING: The Fair Use of these disturbing images is governed by 17 U.S.C. § 107. The publisher allows these images to be reproduced as part of a book review.

A patient's book review of LASIK, A Color Atlas and Surgical Synopsis by Louis E. Probst, Slack Incorporated (June 7, 2001). This book is an excellent book for anyone considering elective eye surgery. A picture is worth a thousand words, and these are pictures of the eyes of patients just like you, who were tired of wearing glasses or contacts. None of these patients went into surgery expecting that they would emerge from the laser suite 15 minutes later with the severe damage you see below. I think this book should be given to every prospective LASIK patient as a vital part of the informed consent process. Since it would scare off patients, you probably will never see this book before surgery. After LASIK, if you end up like me, you might be buying it just to see if you can figure out what happened to your eyes.