Patient Treated on Latest LASIK Technology


I wish I had done more research and read your site before I underwent custom Wavefront LASIK. It would have helped me and I could have avoided being another LASIK disaster. I am now trying to cope and live with the complications. I have had LASIK twice now.

The first time on January 29, 2010. As a result of LASIK, I had the following complications:

-overcorrection which caused me constant strain and pain. Working on the computer and even talking to someone 6 feet away caused strain.

-severe loss of near sight due to overcorrection.

-extreme starbursts and halos at night which caused me to avoid driving at night due to the anxiety it caused me.

-loss of vision in dim settings which also caused my eyes to strain.

- daily pain and discomfort and pressure in brow area

-constant blood shot eyes

- dry eyes

After 9 months of enduring the discomfort, I underwent the enhancement on October 21, 2010. While it seems to have helped with some issues, I still have:

- some level of daily strain and discomfort

-severe starbursts and halos at night. I think this may actually be worse than after the first surgery. The starbursts from headlights, brake lights and stop lights are so significant and cause strain that I still try to avoid driving at night.

-loss of vision in dim settings. This still causes my eyes to strain and I feel daily pressure in my brow area. Especially troublesome since I travel for work and it makes going out to dinner or even staying at hotels stressful.

-loss of near sight. While not as severe as before, I still have issues with close up vision, especially in dim settings.

- dry eyes. I use drops all throughout the day

I am convinced that a major cause is due to the size of my pupils which are very large. The size of my pupils never even came up in my consultation nor was I ever dilated.

I regret the decision to have undergone LASIK every day due to some level of discomfort. I never had any eye issues when I wore contacts. I wish I had done more research and realized that the risks and damage are a reality and would be permanent. I tell everyone to not get LASIK and have already convinced many people who were considering it to not get it.