Anonymous 11/18/2013

I wanted to thank you for this site!!  I had my Lasik appointment booked and had decided to do my own research beforehand since my appointment was several weeks away.

The Lasik clinic that I attended for consultation did give me a detailed booklet on potential complications.  The issue of  "dry eyes " really disturbed me and when I called the clinic for further clarification they assured me it was  "temporary...lasting no more than three months " and if prolonged it was easily handled  "with drops ".  I then started doing my own research and came across your site.

I did not know and found it shocking that:

1) the cornea never heals 100% after surgery ( I was told I would be completely healed in 6mths and able to fly on a plane 24 hours after surgery!).
2) that the Lasik procedure causes  "dry eyes " and that the only variable is to what degree the individual will be affected.
3) that the amount of permanent, debilitating consequences after Lasik have been downplayed by the industry.
4) that long term effects are not really known

After coming across your site I quickly cancelled my Lasik appointment.

It 's heartbreaking to see all of the reports of people who have had devastating consequences and were given little, no or incorrect information by their surgeon or clinic.  Even with the detailed information booklet that I received, none of the consequences except dry eyes was discussed during my consultation.

Thank you again for providing all of this useful information-I really feel that it saved my eyes!!