Christy B. - 12/4/2013

I was diagnosed with corneal ectasia on 9/10/2013. On 8/15/2001 I had LASIK surgery performed on both eyes. After many months deciding about getting the procedure done. I investigated many companies out there and ended up choosing [redacted]. At the time of my Pre-Op exam I was examined and was told I qualified and was a good candidate for the procedure and was told my options of different pricing and treatments. My surgery was performed by Dr.[redacted]. I remember being so excited about getting my surgery that I couldn't sleep the prior night. I felt like a child knowing I was going to go to Kings Island (local amusement park in Cincinnati) the next day. No more glasses or daily contacts to put in. I would be able to see when waking up in the morning, no more worrying about contacts coming out when I went swimming. My husband accomplied me to my appointment. I was not nervous, just excited about getting the procedure done. I had confidence in the Dr. that everything would be fine. My instructions about the surgery was clear and the technician explained to me that I would have some burning and pain after the procedure. They suggested I go home and take a nap to rest my eyes. During my visit the day of my surgery I felt like a heard of cattle, just a number. They have you go room-to-room with other patients just waiting in line. It wasn't very personable. I went home a took a short nap. I woke up with severe burning and tearing in both eyes and could not open them. I called LASIK Plus to tell them about my burning and pain. They said that it was normal after having the surgery. I needed to give them time to heal. Approximately, in 2003 I started having problems with my vision. I couldn't tell the distance of cars and trouble judging them on the sides. I was having glares. light sensitivity and seeing flashing dots. I went to a local eye care center near my home and the Dr. at the time said I was getting a astigmatism. He said that my flap was healing good. Over the next few years I continued having problems with my eyes. I was getting migraines, pain behind my eye and having double vision. Currently my eyes are constantly burning, very dry, eye movement pain at times, sensitivity to light, no depth perception, difficulty reading, halos and cannot drive at night. My vision is greatly affecting me in many areas of life. I eventually had to go out on disability after working for my employer for 22 years. I have severe depression, anxiety. Currently I am working with a Dr. in Columbus, OH for a study on crosslinking for the ectasia. If I don't do the study them I will need to look into corneal transplants.