Stacy L. - 11/13/2013

Thank you immensely for this website!! The candid testimonies and excerpts from studies presented here have completely changed my opinion of laser eye surgery and have led me to cancel my appointment for this procedure (it was scheduled for a month from now). 

I have been wearing glasses since I was 9 and currently have high myopia (-8.5, -7.0). I had waited so long to be of an age where it was safe to get LASIK and was so carried away by the prospect of never needing to put anything in or on my eyes again to see, that I completely disregarded all of the risks and possible complications. Even knowing individuals who had experienced problems post-surgery did nothing to diminish my eagerness or determination to have laser correction. 

With my level of nearsightedness, it's almost guaranteed that additional treatment would be required after the initial surgery (something that hadn't crossed my mind previously at all). When I told my parents (both biologists and both with family histories of myopia) of my decision not to go for LASIK, they couldn't have been happier or more relieved. My vision isn't likely to improve much in the future, but I now know to be thankful for the vision I do have.

Thank you, so, so much for this website!!!