Monovision LASIK Nightmare

Note: Patient gave consent to to republish his story so that prospective patients might be forewarned.

Patient emails doctor seeking help after disastrous monovision LASIK 2/4/10

A brief synopsis of my problems after Lasik surgery in May of 2009...

I was having trouble reading and using my computer at the age of about 43, I'm 48 now by the way and the problem became worse requiring me to constantly change to reading glasses throughout the day. I'm a reserve Deputy Sheriff and work full-time for [redacted] so I'm in the field all day and every day and changing from sun glasses to reading glasses started to become quite problematic. WOW, what I would do to have those problems back after the absolute devastation to my life after being assured that the glasses would go and no contacts ever by my Lasik Doctor and her staff.

I was treated for Mono-vision by the Lasik Dr. and found out later that she should have tried contacts or glasses first before performing the lasik mono-vision correction which has completely ruined my life. The last 9 months of my life has been pure hell and nightmares.

I'm currently suffering from extreme dry-eye, red-eye, painful-eye, lost vision up close, lost vision at night and extreme sensitivity to sun light after I was assured how safe the procedure was and I was told their track record was perfect by the Dr. and her staff and I would be without glasses or contacts. This sure seemed like a great thing especially after reading all the wonderful lasik info (on-line) that I researched before going forward with the procedure. I'm sure no one chooses to get lasik to destroy their vision and comfort but that's what happened to me and now I'm suffering badly every day and need help.

My life as a respected Police officer and my hobbies of fishing, scuba diving, surfing, working out at the gym, bicycling and living my life happily are now over and its been all Doom and Gloom for me and I have even considered suicide but a very close and loving friend has kept me from doing this. I would rather go blind and live in pain and anguish than to not see her again. At least that's what I feel today but I came very close a few different nights.

I've read your web-site and spoke to you and hope you can help me to bring my life back on track. I'm sickened and disturbed that lasik is continuing to go on in this country and apparently the FDA doesn't have a clue. I wish I knew all the facts beforehand but I didn't. I went by what was on the Radio, TV, the internet, the information provided by the Lasik Dr. and her staff and now I'm really suffering. Boy, what I would do for those reading glasses back! Thank you for taking the time to listen....