E-mail from a LASIK patient - 3/28/2012

Lasik doesn't only mess with your vision, it may do so with your looks too.

Almost a month ago, I underwent a bilateral LASIK operation to correct my nearsightedness and astigmatism. Now, not only the quality of my vision fluctuates, I see halos and I got problems with reading and so on, after the operation I noticed a diffuse unilateral upper eyelid edema which is painless and not even red but has destroyed the looks of my gorgeous eyes. When I told my surgeon about it, he told me that it's just because of the contact lenses they put in your eyes after the surgery and now that they are out, it will become OK just like before and that eyelid problems are not among the possible complications after LASIK... More than 3 weeks from that day now, nothing has changed... Artificial tear drops and cold compression were not of any help. Anxiously searching the internet now -too late- I have found similar reports; some of these edemas are chronic with patients after LASIK and besides, LASIK can also lead to ptosis (droopy eyelid); it's a rare side effect, but it's still a risk and no one can tell who will be left with it after LASIK and who won't.

It's a shame that LASIK surgeons do not even inform their patients of possible and even rare side effects. If I EVER knew that it can lead to an eyelid problem, I'd NEVER NEVER go for it. I am devastated, depressed and everyday now, I'm considering suicide. My eyes were just OK and extremely beautiful until I had LASIK on them. I could do many tasks without wearing glasses... How could I do this to myself? How can this surgeon cruelly do this to his patients?

I wished I had come across your website before I had this destroying operation on my eyes, but it's too late now. LASIK should be banned everywhere and people should know... I hope this letter can make at least few people change their minds about undergoing LASIK.