Letter from Ryan 11/28/2012

I just had LASIK a month ago. I did some research and also have known at least 5 people that have had it done. The research that I found shows such a low percentage of complication and generally portrayed good outcomes. I never saw this website before I had the procedure. Also, every person I know said they were extremely happy with LASIK. One girl had PRK and loved it. The procedures have been around for so long that everything I read showed they were established and safe. Now that I have had the procedure... I have found more websites like this one showing that LASIK is not safe. The flap never heals. The military isn't backing it 100%. They are still finding that problems are under reported and there are a lot of complications with this procedure. I have now been massively depressed and have anxiety after the procedure. I am very worried about corneal bulging and long term complications. 1 month after the surgery, I have double vision and bad dry eyes. I also see spots/flashes in the day and have trouble seeing at night due to halos, starbursts and dark areas seem darker than before. Your website is invaluable and I am very sad that I didn't see it before my surgery. Now I have to live with the consequences of my very very poor decision. I equate LASIK to smoking. The government allows it to happen. Many people do it. It is available nationwide in every market place. People advocate that it is bad for you. Yet it continues to be part of our society and continues to Mame and Kill people. At least with smoking you can quit. With LASIK you have ruined your eyes forever.