Nancy G.

January 14, 2013

I had Lasik surgery in 2004. I was given "mono vision" at first, but did not like it. Had a second surgery to my right eye the following week to correct it. Complained about dry eyes and given prescription for Restasis. About 4 1/2 years ago noticied that I was having problems with seeing far, very foggy. Had to squint. Also having dificulty driving at night, lots of star bursts, halos, etc. Was told in 2011, that I had cataracts, which surprised me, my were not senile but "cortical". I had the worse eye done first, vision was wonderful but now the other eye had to be done, because the difference was remarkable.

Had a "PVD" event (flashes - floaters) on my right eye, which remained with a huge floater - Weiss' Ring. Was told I would have to get used to it. Went to another physician who did "YAG" - very little difference. This physician mentioned that I had significant scar tissue from my lasik surgery and that the physician who did my cataract surgery should have informed me.

Three months after that had another situation, this time left eye. Light flashes, large floaters and veil. Went to ER, had torn retina. Was treated with laser. Now 4 months later still with residual floaters/sun spot in both eyes. Worst on the one with the retinal tear, limited depth perception. I am depressed because I am afraid to drive and I know my family thinks I am crazy.