Susan - 11/26/2015

I received Lasik July of 2014. I had nearsightedness and it was perfect after the Lasik. But then, I've had problems ever since. My eyes are unbelivably dry and I was on Rx eye drops which I never noticed them improving my dry eye except right when I put the drops in, just like all the other drops I've tried since. I also have sudden stabbing eye pain that scares me everytime it happens because I think what the heck was that about? It just happens suddenly, then is fine. I went online to read more about Lasik. I did like the staff and the Lasik center I went to and was treated very nicely. I was pleased shortly after the surgery. They also tried plugs in which didn't help the dry eye. When I went on your website and saw some stories of different problems, the suicide stories surprised me because I've felt that way for the entire time after surgery. I didn't know that was even a connection. But, my problems with Lasik do indeed affect my life. The dry eyes, the stabbing pain, the need for correction,the constant squinting, the suicidal thoughts and concerns. My problems have effected my job as well, as an accountant, I must be able to see numbers clearly. [redacted] I appreciate your website!