Anonymous Patient Letter, Name Withheld by Request.

Whether conventional or custom wavefront LASIK, there are still severe complications that change life forever. The letter below illustrates most of the features that patients with complications report, including being told that everything is normal, and the futile and costly search for solutions.


Another night indoors at apartment looking at a smeared TV set...and yet I can make out the letters on the TV just fine...most would say I have 'excellent vision' (as one neuroopthalmologist said)...if he was made to see like this he'd cry and scream bloody murder, and yet he makes and records comments like that...not much different than 9-10 months ago, when I spent my 21st birthday 3 days post-LASIK with tremendous migraine headaches and a newly-smeared world, laying in bed with hot compresses and closing my eyes trying not to look around...a pretty fun way to spend a 21st birthday in a college town. They told me it would go away in a few days, then a week, then a month; that it was 'contrast sensitivity' and that it was perfectly normal; that there were 'frequently imperfections immediately following LASIK surgery (that everything being directionally smeared in the same direction in each eye was normal/ok/nothing to worry about!). NEVER would I have imagined that nearly a year later I'd be worse, the vision would be the same (still uncorrected), I'd be out many thousands of dollars, that I'd spend all my time trying to get better completely futilely, that I'd have lost SO much time in my life and missed out on SO many experiences and that there would be NO end in sight, and that I'd soon develop eye pain (especially in the right eye) that would change my life even more.